Vorlesewettbewerb der 5. und 6. klassen

The reading competition for the 6th year is traditionally opened the Heisenberg-Gymnasium with an unofficial round of fifth graders. The six category winners read aloud from their favorite books and the jury and the audience could once again astound: As good as the can not read even some older students!

With Florine Berrier from the class 5c a student carried the day, which we are determined meet again next year.

Some of the class winner of the 6th classes knew the course already. They had been in the last year in the round of fifth graders doing.

This time it was serious, because whoever school winner is the reading competition of the 6th grade, is further at least one lap and the Heisenberg-Gymnasium is first represented at the district level.

The tension was obvious to participants, but as was then read, the stories were in the foreground. Allen pupils succeeded to draw the audience into their spell - even if the text excerpts each lasted only 5 minutes.

Highly versatile in this year was the selection of books, from old classics like "Oliver Twist" of recent classics like "help, the Herdmanns come" to entirely new works of youth literature was all represented.

The particular difficulty of the reading competition exists but in reading an untrained text: Anyone who reads the section from Cornelia Funke "Little Werewolf" not only as accurate as possible, but may also refer to appropriate emphasis on, with breaks and with the use of hum and whisper most effectively give life?

Irene Springer from 6b succeeded after the jury's verdict at best, both the self-selected text (from "North of Nowhere" by Liz Kessler) to read as well as the inexperienced. They will compete in the spring at the district competition.

30. November
Axel Schwartzkopff
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