Schweden in Hamburg

In the week from 24.03.-03.30.2015 had some students from the 9th grade a Swedish guest of the Karin Boye Skolan at home for a visit, who participated with them in the lessons of our Heisenberg Gymnasium. The Karin Boye Skolan is our new partner school, the Vättern, the second largest lake in Sweden, located in Motala.

The language of communication of the Swedish-German exchange group is English. The Swedish students were accompanied by their English teacher Cecilia and her stellvertretenem Headmaster Kalle, who - as usual in Sweden - our group of students presented by their first names. In nine weeks we get the train on the way to Sweden to see again the friends had become too Swedes and Sweden and to explore other differences between the Swedish and German school life and everyday!

13. April
Christine Vojinovic
Konversation wird geladen