Schulbanker 2015

A total of eight teams of the Heisenberg Gymnasium qualified against more than 800 teams from Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the first round - but according to competition rules allowed only the most successful team of our school in bank management game "school Banker" on the weekend of 25.4. - Participate in Potsdam 04/27/2015.

So Tarik Benrabah, Simon Bretz, Cevin-Key Coste and Hendrik Schulenburg broke from the fourth semester as a team TURBO-Bank together with their supervising economics teacher and tutor Marco Malitius on to prevail against 18 other finalist participating teams.

Each team was given its own conference room and began with the same starting position five fiscal years to go through 90 minutes each. In the function of the Bank Board make important decisions regarding the skillful hard setting of interest rates, fees and commissions of speculation in securities and equity funds, the management of branches and bank terminals and investing in advertising, education and training of its employees had to be made. Of course, the monitoring of market development, market condition and behavior of the competition was as much a part of the decision-making processes such as compliance with legal requirements and regulations of the Central Bank.

The TURBO bankers had a lot of fun and went the challenge quite calmly, especially since the final weekend coincided with the written Baccalaureate middle. They stopped at the previously planned strategy determined consistently and could not be swayed by recessions, massive loan defaults and other obstacles. Thus our students in all difficult times kept the nerves, generated a profit of 67.8 million euros and thus made the strongest competitors from Hildesheim and Helmstedt with a prologue of over 6 million euros to the courts. 2 and 3

At the award ceremony of the Academy of Sciences in Berlin, the students of the Heisenberg Gymnasium by the President of the Bankers Association and the Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Bundestag their instruments were to take a personal check of 500 euros and a school prize of 4,000 euros in reception.

The prize money is to be used primarily to consultation with the students, to pay a supplement over the next few years, business games and excursions in the profile society / economy and can thus carry out cost.

The Team TURBO-Bank is the fifth school Bank of Heisenberg Gymnasium in a row, which was qualified for the final of the best teams. 2012 the team managed Prank Bank as a third party to generate the first time there for the Heisenberg school a place on the podium.

It makes us very happy and fills us with pride that our students the best junior bankers Germany have become this year.

Congratulations to Tarik Benrabah, Simon Bretz, Cevin-Key Coste and Hendrik Schulenburg!

3. Mai
Marco Malitius und Corina Seywald
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