Naturwissenschaftliche Experimente im DLR_School_Lab der TUHH

In DLR_School_Lab the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg pupils be taken into the world of aviation. We have the lab on 11/11/2015 at the rate Science Internship visited and worked there at five different stations.

The first stop is the flight simulator : We were able to try off and landing himself in a mock cockpit. Next, we went to the so-called run- to understand a little better the fly. Here various objects are accelerated in a circuit in order to investigate the flow conditions.

This was followed by the Declaration on the acoustics inside an airplane. Here we learned how the sound is dammed up inside the aircraft. This station is called acoustic test stand . In Bubble Kana l, which represented the next stage, we have through knowledge of currents and buoyancy by means of a bubble view.

At our last stop, the wind tunnel , we have identified the different air pressures at various objects and are also a bit address the issue of fuel.

This visit to the TUHH has proven to us to be very useful, as we deal with the subject of flying in the classroom. The flight simulator was personally exciting for us, as we also themselves were active and were part of the action. The other experiments were also very exciting and informative for our other lessons.

Link to DLR_School_Lab:

11. November
Mathilda Hinrichsen und Svenja Sander
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