Bericht der Schulinspektion 2015

On 30 and 31 March and on April 1, 2015, our school was visited by the inspection team of the inspectorate. Even before the school board had the team made numerous data and documents on the situation and development of the school and parents, students and the college had taken part in encouraging large numbers in the surveys.

In some key sentences inspectors emphasized what distinguishes our school from their perspective:

"The school is very professional managed and the strong commitment and the high level of expertise of the College are reflected in the quality of teaching, which is above the average of the Hamburg high schools."

"The students get compared to other Hamburg schools significantly more opportunities to actively participate and to work self-organized and self-directed teaching."

"The pupils enjoy attending their school. They especially appreciate the variety of pupils, the friendly, respectful coexistence and the support they get when they something not so good at. The parents are satisfied with the school. They welcome the friendly cooperation and the clear vision of the school. Teachers enjoy working pronounced at the school. among other things, you will appreciate the participatory management style of management level, the very pleasant working atmosphere and the willingness of the school to welcome every child welcome. "

"The common spirit that characterizes this school, finds its symbolic expression in the annual dragon boat race in which parents, teachers and students participate together in a dragon boat."

We were very pleased about the result. On behalf of the school board and the College, I thank all who participated in the surveys and interviews of school inspection, for the vote of confidence. See you encouraged to continue on that path and to adopt the proposals of the inspectorate for our work in attack.

Gunter Buck

The full report can be found at the following link in our evaluation report portfolio:

A summary is available on the Institute website published educational monitoring and quality development.

31. Mai
Gunter Buck
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