Vorlesewettbewerb 2014/15

Before Christmas - reading time , the pupils of the 5th and 6th classes have presented books in recent days and weeks and read the most beautiful places. The top two readers from each class met on December 1 to school decision of the reading competition.

The round of fifth graders ends with the determination of the school winner.

The sixth graders but take on large, official "reading contest the Börsenverein the German book trade" part, which is now held for the 56th time. Who school champion is here, it can bring at district, state and national levels far.

The fifth graders sat Şeyma Altunkaynak (5d) through clearly.

School winner of the sixth class was Matilda Lohmann (6a).

Your we want the best for the district decision in the spring.

From the 5th classes read:

Helene Thomas, Mathilda Göhring (5a), Alexandra Volotkovich, Piro Can Gül (5b), Lilly Siegmund, Bendiks Herpell (5c), Lilly Zeppenfeld, Şeyma Altunkaynak (5d).

From the 6th grade reading:

Matilda Lohmann, Amelie Hilper (6a), Elina verses Till Schade (6b), Ben Marshall, Hannah Mujanovic (6c)

3. Dezember
Axel Schwartzkopff
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