Heisenberg Dragons: „hammersynchron“

" Hammer sync" - but only Eleventh!

"The fastest school Harburg, eye candy," hammer sync " - the live reporter was impressed by the course of the Heisenberg-boat at this year's Veritas Cup And the paddlers (parents, teachers, alumni and a student) were the best of spirits..

Nevertheless, your goal is to finish in the top 10, the Heisenberg Dragons unfortunately could not reach in the dragon boat race on July 6. - Insufficient training, too little crew.

That should change soon. Captain Michael Wiegräfe planning a dragon boat AG, so that more pupils reinforce the Dragons (and taper) can. The "Werner", the school's dragon boat, waiting impatiently in the boathouse on Lake Neuländer ...

Axel Schwartzkopff

24. August
Axel Schwartzkopff
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