Fußballmannschaft scheidet im Achtelfinale aus

On 27.11.2014 the second round was the "trained youth for the Olympics" in football for instead. After two successful qualifying rounds the team of the Heisenberg-Gymnasium the team defeated the Stadtteilschule mid 1: 5.

All players also showed in this game, again a dedicated setting. Nevertheless, it was only in phases in this game, enforce their own game. After the score back to 1: 3, the game would once again be able to tilt in our favor. In this phase, a little luck was missing in the final.

All players (Max Bartylla, Jan Husach, Niclas Petsch, Patryk Ignatiuk, Ferhat Oren, Freddy Claasen, Linus Özkäk, Paul pity Carl Nesemann, Lars Prüß, Daniel Eggers, Nico Lung Fiel, Tim Meyer) Congratulations on this great performance (7 wins, 2 defeats).

4. Dezember
Jörg Berthold
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