The raw materials expedition

In German households are estimated 83 million old cell phones (BITcom 2011). In these phones lies not only plastic, many rare raw materials are included. These must first be dismantled. This costs a lot of money, especially if they are buried deep in the earth. If, therefore, does not attempt to recycle the raw materials, the end product, the mobile phone, more expensive.

The environment also contributes damage it. The manufacturers of mobile phones obviously try to sell their product as low as possible. They hardly notice the nature and environment. The sites are increasingly exploited and toxic substances enter easily into the environment. The workers are also treated unfairly, that the price of mobile phones remains low. It caused even disputes over mining rights, which can accept large extent. Therefore, the NWP course collects from 19.3. to 22.3. . 2013 each 1.Großen pause in the recreation hall used mobile phones Learn more at:

27. Februar
Mirja Vollstuben
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